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Idaho Military Division Policy Letters
IMD-11 Dress & Personal Appearance of IMD Personnel 2018
National Guard Bureau (NGB) TN Policy Letters
Supplemental Policy to CNGB Instruction-Technician Absence and Leave Program
TN-11-02 Policy for Placing Technicians on Light Duty
Idaho TAG Policy Letters
IDNG-51 Telework Program Policy (2020)
Telework Program - Exceptions for COVID-19 (20 MAR 20)
IDNG 45 Alcohol Use Policy
IDNG 47 Physical Fitness Program 2019
Physical Fitness Leave Process
Alternate Location Justification Memo
8 Jul to 30 Sep 2013 Delegation of Approval Authority for Compensatory Time during Furlough
IDNG-40 Joint Diversity Policy (MAR 17)
IDNG-34 Federal Employee Work Schedule
IDNG-26 Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (2015)
IDNG-2 Holiday Party Guidelines
IDNG-1 Holiday Leave Policy
Idaho ARNG COS Policy Letters
COS-1 Policy to Request Special Conveyance or POC
COS-1-1 Special Conveyance Attachment - Word Document
Idaho USPFO Policy Letters
Personal Travel and Leave in Conjunction with Official Travel
Technician Memorandums and Policy Letters
HR-20-004 Federal Employee Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
HR-20-003 5 day Presidential Leave for Federal Technicians
HR-20-002 SF-182 Submission Policy Letter (Training-Travel)
HR 20-001 Processing Personnel Actions
HR 19-001 Federal Technician Military Leave
HR 18-001 Federal Technician Military Leave (Replaced by HR-19-001)
HR 17-001 Federal Technician Voluntary Leave Donation (Replaced by HR-20-004)
HR 16-002 5 day Presidential Leave for Federal Technicians (Replaced by HR-20-003)
HR 16-001 SF-182 Submission Policy Letter (Training-Travel) (Replaced by HR-20-002)
HR 15-001 Superior Qualifications Appointment Requirements
HR 14-001 Loss of Military Membership
HR 13-003 Approval Requests for Compensatory Time during Furlough
HR 13-002 New Military Deposit Policy
HR 12-006 Mass Transportation Fringe Benefit Program
HR 12-005 Use of Time-Off Awards during ABSENT-US (Replaced by TN-13-06)
HR 12-004 Requesting Special Conveyance for TDY Travel (Replaced by COS-1)
HR 12-003 Employment Verification Tool on My Biz and TALX (Replaced by HR-13-001)
HR 12-002 Benefit Elections
HR 11-009 The Work Number (Replaced by HR-12-003)
HR 11-008 Loss of Military Membership (Replaced by HR 14-001)
HR 11-007 5 day Presidential Leave for Federal Technicians (Replaced by HR-16-002)
HR 11-006
Recruitment, Relocation and Retention Incentive Policy (This letter is in the draft stage)
HR 11-005 Federal Technician Absence for Military Duty Policy Change
HR 11-004 Mass Transportation Fringe Benefit Program (Replaced by HR-12-006)
HR 11-004/IDNG-11
Technician Voluntary Leave Program
HR 11-002/IDNG-34
Technician Work Schedule Policy
HR 11-001

The Work Number (Replaced by HR-11-009)

HR 10-004 Ordered to Active Duty - ABSENT-US (Replaced by HR-11-005)
HR 10-003 Transition Between Non-Permanent Technician Employment and Incapacitation (INCAP) Status
HR 10-002 Voluntary Loss of Military Membership
HR 10-001 New FERS Sick Leave Policy
HR 09-005 Command-Referred Employee Assistance Program Alcohol Abuse Policy
HR 09-004 - Rescinded - 17 Jun 2014 Transition Between Non-Permanent Technician Employment and Military Schools/Moblization
HR 09-003 - Rescinded - 17 Jun 2014 Transition Between Non-Permanent Technician Employment and ADOS/AGR Orders
HR 09-002 Highest Previous Rate
HR 09-001 Desk Audit Policy
HR 08-002 Presidential Leave Policy (Replaced by HR-11-007)
HR 08-001 Loss of Military Membership (Replaced by HR-11-008)
Technician Miscellaneous Memorandums and Policy Letters
  Recruitment, Relocation and Retention (3R) Incentives Policy
  Temp Technician Info Paper for 1 Year or More
  Butterbaugh Claims
  Checked Baggage Policy
  TSP H.R. 1256 Act - TSP Changes
  Weingarten and Representation Rights
AGR Memorandums and Policy Letters
  State Active Duty (SAD)
PM-9 AGR Command Leadership Tour (Aug 07)
PM-10 Officer and NCO Promotions (Aug07)
PM-11 AGR Deploymnent Policy (Aug 07)
PM-12 Full-Time National Guard Duty (FTNGD) and Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) (Apr 11)
NGB-ARH Policy Memo #06-061) Updates to the Army National Guard (ARNG) Enlisted Promotion System (EPS)
NGB-ARH Policy Memo #06-046) AGR Retirement Age 60
NGB-ARH Policy Memo #05-053)

Active Service Obligation for Active Guard Reserve Soldiers Attending Military Schools

EEO Memorandums and Policy Letters
IDNG-8 IMD Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy (2021)
IDNG-27 IMD Equal Employment Opportunity & Equal Opportunity Policy (2021)
IDNG-28 IMD Employment of Relatives (Nepotism) Policy (2019)
IDNG-29 IMD Workplace Violence Policy (2021)
IDNG-38 IMD Professional Workplace Environment Policy (2021)
IDNG-40 Joint Diversity Policy (2020)


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