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Welcome to the Military Division, Equal Employee Opportunity Web Page.  We are pleased to offer a resource that will provide our customers with a convenient method to obtain information regarding various Human Resource matters.

IMD Diversity Strategic Plan 2017-2021

EEO Counselors

JDEC Minutes 2 Mar 2017 Certified Mediators
Ethnic Observance Poster
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Alternative Dispute Resolution Program Military Complaint Process
Prevention of Sexual Harassment-Idaho  

Mr. Albert Gomez at 208-272-4224 DSN 422-4224

Complaint Hotline 208-861-3042 - 24 Hour Email:

Equal Employment Opportunity is the law. It protects each of us from discrimination in employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, mental or physical disability, sexual harassment, or reprisal (for participating in a previous EEO complaint).

The EEO Office serves the Idaho Army and Air National Guard and its employees.  Within this agency, there are civilian, military and state employees.  Our purpose is to educate and increase awareness of cross-cultural gaps. 



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