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EEO Counselors

Joint EEO Counselor


Albert Gomez
Equal Employment Manager (HRO)
(208) 272-4224
Air EEO Counselors Army EEO Counselors

Anya Davis

Human Resources Officer (Mil)
(208) 422-4226
John McDaniel
Supv Human Resource Specialist (HRO)
(208) 272-4223

Amethyst Keaten

124 FSS
(208) 422-6140
Scott Johnson
(208) 272-8547

Aaron Blake

State (IOEM)
(208) 258-6522
Suezette Madery
(208) 272-3915

Esteban Gonzalez

116 CAV
(208) 272.7148

Jace Thayer

(208) 272-4260

Ann Puga

204 RTI
(208) 272-7010

Fred Bollinger

204 RTI
(208) 272-4854

Scott Johnson

204 RTI
(208) 272-8547

Warren Hurt

145 Spt Bn
(208) 272-7762

Mr. Albert Gomez at 208-272-4224 DSN 422-4224

Complaint Hotline 208-861-3042 - 24 Hour Email:

EEO Counselors are certified by attending EEO Counselors courses taught by the Defense Equal Opportunity Military Institute and or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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