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Welcome to the Military Division, Human Resource Development Web Page.  We are pleased to offer a resource that will provide our customers with a convenient method to obtain information regarding various Human Resource matters.

PASSWORD for training: IDNG (case sensitive)

FY21 Training Calendar

Federal Employee Retirement Workshop

NG Personnel Management Course (Supervisor’s Training)

How-to: Hands-On Performance Plans

FY20 PEC Centrally Funded Courses

Job Aid: How to use ‘Trip Calculator’ to determine travel costs  
Training Interest Survey Books available to check-out
Need help with performanace management? Click here to request a 1-on-1 appointment! DVDs available to check-out
NG Personnel Management Course Slides

How To Write An Effective Resume

Personnel Management Course SURVEY What To Include In A Federal Resume

SLIDES NG Personnel Management Course (Supervisor Training)


We hope that everything you will ever need for your training needs will be found here.  For any questions or further information email or call Mrs. Janina Giddens, Human Resource Development Specialist (HRDS) at (208) 272-4226, or Mrs. Anya Davis, Supervisor, Human Resource Specialist (SHRS) at (208) 422-3340 or DSN 422-3340,


For questions regarding the HRO web site, please contact the webmaster.
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