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Air AGR Guidance Section

IDNG AGR Handbook Policies and Procedures Handbook
ANGI 36-101 The Active Guard/Reserve Program
ANGI 36-101 JFHQ-IDSUP 1 The Active Guard/Reserve Program
ANGI 33-101 Special Orders
AFI 36-2406 Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems
ANGI 36-2101 Assignments Within The Air National Guard
AFI 36-3003 Military Leave Program
AFI 48-123 Medical Examination and Standards

For any questions or further information email CMSgt Rod Elson, rodney.elson@ang.af.mil at Commercial (208) 422-3344 or DSN 422-3344 or LTC Judy Knoelk, Deputy, Human Resource Officer at (208) 272-3809, judy.m.knoelk.mil@mail.mil

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