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(COVID-19) Emergency Paid Leave Available to Federal Employees posted: 26 May2021
Admin Leave for COVID Vaccination Policy Letter posted: 10 June 2021
Admin Leave for COVID Vaccination - 10 May 2021 posted: 10 June 2021
posted: 26 May2021
posted: 26 May2021
Checklist for Employees Entering Military Service (USERRA Checklist posted: 9 Dec 2020
Paid Parental Leave Information for Federal Employees posted: 23 Sep 2020
Paid Parental Leave Information for State Employees posted: 1 Mar 2021
State Active Duty
State Active Duty Checklist posted: 16 Nov 2020
State Active Duty Leave info posted: 16 Nov 2020
LEL and State Active Duty posted: 16 Nov 2020
Checklist for Civilian Employees Entering LWOP posted: 16 Nov 2020


Novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) continues to spread and is an increasing force health protection (FHP) threat in areas where Department of Defense (DoD) personnel live and work. As the leading U.S. Government public health agency, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to assess the risk of COVID-19 and provide guidance for those residing in the United States and traveling abroad. Some CDC COVID-19 guidance may have limited applicability for military installation commanders (hereafter "military commanders"), particularly those outside the United States, because CDC guidance is principally directed toward persons residing in the United States and does not apply to other sovereign nations. While the DoD continues to follow CDC's lead, additional military specific measures are authorized by current policy when needed to mitigate risk to U.S. forces stationed around the world and to protect Service members, DoD civilian employees and contractor personnel, and family members.

Below are links to current Government information and guidance on the Coronavirus Disease. I recommend you review and share these throughout your organizations. 

Local Guidance

Federal Employees
IDNG T32 and T5 COVID Leave Guidance - as of 15 March 2020
IDNG Federal FFCRA 2020 Policy Expired: 31 Dec 2020
FFCRA Leave Request Form Expired: 31 Dec 2020
State Employees
IMD State Employee COVID 19 Workplace Return Plan and Guidance - as of 13 APR 2021
IMD State Employee COVID 19 Return to Work Plan and Guidance as of 1 March 2021

IMD State Employee COVID 19 Return to Work Plan and Guidance as of 10 FEB 2021

IMD State Employee COVID-19 Return to Work Plan and Guidance – as of 1 JAN 2021

IMD State Employee COVID-19 Return to Work Plan and Guidance - as of 14 NOV 20

IMD State Employee COVID-19 Return to Work Guidance - as of 11 August 2020
IMD State Employee COVID-19 Work, Telecommuting, Leave, Time Coding and Travel Guidance - as of 1 April 2020
IMD State Employee Advanced Sick Leave Request - as of 25 March 2020
Request to Fill Essential Position (during Executive Branch Hiring Freeze) - as of 12 May 2020
State Employee COVID-19 DHR FAQs - as of 22 March 2020
IMD Telework Program
Telework Program - Exceptions for COVID-19 (20 MAR 20)
Telework Program (IDNG-51) (13 AUG 20)
DD Form 2946 "DoD Telework Agreement"

Federal Guidance

Accounting for Absence During COVID-19 Response
NGB-J1 Policy White paper COVID-19 and T32 IDT_20200313
DCPAS Message 2020016-Civilian Personnel Guidance for DoD C...
Stop movement for all domestic travel for DOD components in response to Coronavirus disease 2019 OSD002968-20 FOD Final
Human Resources Flexibilities and Authorities for the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (003)
OPM_Governmentwide Dismissal and Closure Procedures-11-2018...
12 March regarding Vulnerable Populations and Community Spread
17 March 48 Hour Agency Update highlighted

Frequent Asked Questions

COVID-19 Additional Guidance Questions and Answers 3-7-2020
COVID 19 State Employee FAQ Sheet - 6 MAR 20


As new information or guidance evolves, we will distribute. If you receive any media inquiries, as always, please refer those to Lt. Col. Borders at 208-801-4292.




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